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Lucy Lou

Lucy Lou

Lucy Lou
Lucy Lou - Full BackLucy Lou - Close UpLucy Lou - Princess on Board
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Is Lucy Lou a caricature of your own inner child? Have a favorite granddaughter you'd like to trap in time? Is your special child growing up too fast?

This cute doll like caricature, black hair and green eyes, is fashionable attired in a matching patriotic yacht club Capri ensemble. Her over sized Peter Pan collared tunic declares for any who can read there is a Princess on Board. You can dress her for the season, for the weather or to commemorate some significant happening.

Lucy Lou wears an ensemble for a 3 - 6 month infant. Her arms can be positioned, by pivoting them forward or backward, from the shoulder. You will have a ton of fun dressing her for each season. Toss a silk teddy across her arm or add a shopping bag and let her subtly communicate your intentions.

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Width Approximately 9 inches
Height Approximately 31 inches
Finish Painted pine, OK outdoors if protected from direct weather
Clothing Size 3 - 6 month infant wear
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