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Ceremonial Menorah

Ceremonial Menorah

Ceremonial Menorah
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The ceremonial Menorah, a traditional symbol of Judaism, is lit during the 8-day holiday of Hanukkah. This nine-branched candelabrum was designed by Judy Peterson, a renowned scroll saw puzzler, so children could light the candles by placing each 'flame'. On the first night, the tall candle, the shamash, receives a flame, and one additional candle (on the right) receives a flame. After the first night, the shamash receives a flame, and one additional candle to the left of the one lit the previous night receives a flame, followed by each candle to its right. On the final day, all nine candles hold flames. No wax, no risk, no smoke!
Height Approx 8 inches
Width Approx 6 inches
Thickness Approx 1 inch
Number of Pieces 18
Type of Wood Cherry or maple
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