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Pole People - a PERFECT gift for the hard-to-gift

Brightly decorated, impish characters designed to fascinate and delight.  Great gift for the 'hard to gift.'  Perfect quick pick me up for the spirit - you can't help but smile when you see the Pole Penguins and "Penguini".  They lift your spirits!  Wish your office was trimmed for the holiday, but don't have the time with that deadline looming?  Just pull the Pole Santa and and Pole Elf from behind the coat rack - instantly decorated!

Designed for protected outdoor and indoor use, these characters are fashioned from landscaping ties, shaped, painted, accessorized with eyes, arms, feet, and more to create a whimsical fantasy for your stoop or hearth.

Landscaping ties are scrutinized to be straight and free of splits at the local garden shop.  Some of them are quite heavy, due to their denseness and moisture content.  They are sealed to avoid as much as possible having them expand and contract with the moisture content of their environment.    We examine each piece and place the character so that the natural knots and surface tear outs enhance the character.  With time, cracks may appear, which only enhance its vintage character and charm.  We've had a Pole Sam on our stoop for about 7 years, and only hose him off after the spring pollen.  He has never been repainted or retouched.  A turkey owner washes him with soap and water before setting him before the hearth for Thanksgiving.  For five years, he's been the perfect beef advertisement! 

Cracks enhance the beauty of your piece, but we don't intentionally ship them if we see them before delivery.  If you are not satisfied when you receive your pole person, please contact us by email ( to discuss.

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Pole Elf - Leprechaun and Santa's HelperPole Elf - Leprechaun and Santa's HelperThis elfish character has the charm and coloring of an Irish imp and the delightful enthusiasm of Santa's best helper.
Pole Nutcracker or Toy SoldierPole Nutcracker or Toy SoldierThe Nutcracker will stand tall over your office, hearth or patio to bring bright ceremonial colors to your holiday decorating.
Pole PeepPole PeepA pudgy little peep made of pine and landscaping lumber, painted bright sunshine yellow with orange accents helps usher spring into your heart and home.
Pole PenguinPole PenguinWhether you delight in the cold or want to cuddle by the fire, this little penguin offers a happy Burrr humbug to the season! This makes a delightful gift for someone who is hard to buy for!
Pole Penguini, the Happy Dancing FeetPole Penguini, the Happy Dancing Feet
Pole Santa ClausPole Santa Claus
Pole SnowmanPole SnowmanFrosty, the snowman, will stick around all day, regardless of weather and temperature! Big coal buttons and a long carrot orange nose make it clear we've got nothing to fear from winters worst! This simple, non-invasive totem accents your stoop, hall or office corner with a gentle reminder that snow is for fun! Easy to store in the off season, this happy go lucky character may also promote a stop to global warming!
Pole Turkey - Eat More BeefPole Turkey - Eat More BeefWhether you place this in your office, on your front stoop or near the hearth in your home, this turkey is one accent decor that cannot go unnoticed! Brightly painted red, oranges and yellows accent a bird that will survive.
Pole Uncle SamPole Uncle SamCelebrate Pride in America with this appealing Uncle Sam pole person, reminiscent of vintage images, becomes better looking with patina of age.
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