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Clothespin ReindeerClothespin ReindeerThe Clothespin Reindeer resemble reindeer you made from old fashioned clothespins as a child. Each of the three sizes of reindeer sports a bright Bow Tie, Jingle Bells and a wooden red ball for a nose. Ears and tail accented with white. They stand on a green or brown base.
Lighted Christmas Tree with StarLighted Christmas Tree with Star
Pole Elf - Leprechaun and Santa's HelperPole Elf - Leprechaun and Santa's HelperThis elfish character has the charm and coloring of an Irish imp and the delightful enthusiasm of Santa's best helper.
Pole PenguinPole PenguinWhether you delight in the cold or want to cuddle by the fire, this little penguin offers a happy Burrr humbug to the season! This makes a delightful gift for someone who is hard to buy for!
Pole Penguini, the Happy Dancing FeetPole Penguini, the Happy Dancing Feet
Pole Santa ClausPole Santa Claus
Pole SnowmanPole SnowmanFrosty, the snowman, will stick around all day, regardless of weather and temperature! Big coal buttons and a long carrot orange nose make it clear we've got nothing to fear from winters worst! This simple, non-invasive totem accents your stoop, hall or office corner with a gentle reminder that snow is for fun! Easy to store in the off season, this happy go lucky character may also promote a stop to global warming!
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